Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Teddy Bear (aka The Keeper)

Teddy's first day at home 11/24/10.
 Teddy Bear is our permanent rescue. He was sent to us by our last dog, Remy, when I was getting frustrated enough to just go buy a puppy at the store, Remy told me to wait. He said that everything would be OK in the morning. When I went to the vet's office to drop off a copy of Remy's rabies certificate, they said they just got a call from someone in West Orange who needed to find a home for a little, fluffy, white pup. So of course we went and got him. He was about four months old, weighed 23lbs, and was losing all of his puppy teeth.

He is not the easiest dog. When people ask what kind of dog he is, we say he is a barky dog. Actually, we think he is a soft-coated wheaton terrier mix. He now weighs about 50lbs. We had him shaved for the summer, and his groomer at Paw Palace said she clipped him to look like a Clydesdale, which he does! Everyone remarks on how cute he looks. What they don't know is how willful and stubborn he is. Such a handful! But then, I remember when Remy chewed the cable tv cord, my glasses, etc. and when Tyrone dug up my housemate's scarlet sage bed (4 times.)

He loves having a playmate, which is why we do the foster dog thing. It usually takes a day or two for each dog to settle in, and then Teddy knows it's time to PLAY! Here's Teddy with our first foster dog, Tatum.
The best playmate was Luci (aka Lucifer) who was an Aussie Shep mix, but they played so loudly together I'm sure my neighbors were relieved to see her move on to her forever home! We were seriously considering keeping her, but a lady who wanted two pups from the same little asked for Luci and her sister, and I couldn't deny her the lifelong company of her sibling.
Minna was also a good playmate for Teddy, but she found a perfect home, too, with someone who works at home and can let her sit in a lap all day long.

Teddy is the dog with the ear that sticks up. That's his trademark, whether he's long-haired like a sheepdog or shorn like a clydesdale.

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