Monday, August 15, 2011

Puppies Number 9 and 10

I have one big restriction in my puppy at a time. That was all well and good until this past week. I was all set to take Kelly the little cow-girl. (Seriously, am I the only one that sees the resemblance?) Anyway, I had pulled her from the animal control in Greenville, SC after another rescue failed to pick her up on time. She looked so small and scared in the photo, and I  really felt sorry that she had been waiting in vain for so long for a rescue that was not coming.

And then I saw the pictures of little Blackberry. The same age as Kelly, but only 10lbs. He was found as a stray at the Blackberry Public Dump, and dropped off at the animal control center. Such a sad life for a young pup. So I pulled him, too. Here's what he looked like at Greenville Animal Control:
I put out an email to some of my fellow CODAR fosters to see if anyone could take him, and I got a confirmation that someone would take Blackberry. Unfortunately, on the day the transport arrived she decided not to take him due to some unforeseen medical conditions with another pup in her household. Joel looked at me and said "You better not be bringing two foster dogs home." So I spent the night at Mom & Dad's house.
Well, that all worked out OK because Mom knew a gal from the yacht club who was really wanting a nice, sweet, big galoot of a dog (which was Kelly to a T) and she loved her right away. Here's a few pictures of Kelly and Blackberry at Mom & Dad's house:

A happy ending for little Miss Kelly the CowGirl. 
Blackberry stayed with us in Atlantic Highlands, but not for too long. He is at home with his forever family now, living in beautiful Fair Haven and travelling to horse shows with his family on the weekends. Spoiled puppies rule!

Puppy Number 8 - Hazel

Right after I got back from my friend Ryan's wedding in Alabama, our rescue group, Castle of Dreams Animal Rescue in Keyport, NJ, got a transport of 20 dogs from Tennessee - yes, 20! So that Saturday morning Ian and I drove up to Pam's house to pick up a pup. I was originally planning to take one of several black puppies that were all little baby puff balls, but when we got there we were greeted at the gate by little Hazel. She jumped up lightly on Ian and gave him this look as if to say "Are you here for me?" We looked around the yard at all the puppies and other dogs, but we kept coming back to Hazel. The clincher was when Ian saw her sample someone's coffee cup and didn't get caught! Ian likes clever dogs. So out we went with Hazel.

Hazel turned out to be a nice playmate for Teddy, although we only had her for a few days. I took her to the adoption event at Petsmart and we were only there for about an hour, and that was enough. She was adopted, along with Roxie the timid big beagle mama. Her new owner, Michelle, and her family are so in love with these two beautiful beagle girls.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Puppy Number 7 Stays in the Family!

The puppy that was Precious #2 is now April, and she is going to be staying with my very own brother, Chris! This is great, because he was really ready to have a furry companion, and they took to each other right away. She goes to work with him almost every day!