Sunday, June 19, 2011

Puppy Number Five

I try not to give my foster pups a name because I know the people who adopt will want to name their new pet, but everyone at the shop is calling this little guy Squirt...not because he's small and underdeveloped (even though he is) but because he's so malnourished that anything that goes in comes out liquid (from either end.) Poor little guy. Although I have to report that today he had a semi-solid poop. This is a big deal. And this morning he is enjoying scrambled eggs with beef broth. Teddy likes having a foster brother because he gets eggs, too!
Most of the puppies I've fostered have come around pretty quickly in terms of their health, particularly digestion. But this one is nothing but skin and bones. I wondered, as I watched him sleeping in his crate last night, how long he might have made it if we hadn't pulled him from the shelter. The reality is, he would have been put down before that eventuality. He is from the animal control center in Chesterfield, SC. That's the place where they took a bunch of the dogs across the street to the landfill for target practice. It stuns me how quickly humanity is slipping into barbarism. But that's another story.
He's a quiet little boy. He doesn't really know how to play yet, and didn't know what toys were when we went to Paw Palace yesterday. But he likes Teddy's antler and bone, and he looked like he might be interested in tug-o-war if Teddy didn't growl when he plays. But he's coming around, like they all do. It will be fun to see what he's like a week from now.
I won't really call him Squirt. He's Puppyboy, or Little Guy, or Pupster. Just something to get his attention. He's a friendly little dude, always with the tail wagging. And he has the most precious expression. I'm sure someone will fall for him just like I did.

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