Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Darling Daisy

Who Would Ever Hurt Darling Daisy?

Everyone wants to help those dogs that are the real poster children - the starving, abused, neglected puppies - the ones that have been betrayed. Here's your chance!
Daisy is such a sweet puppy, only 6 months old. But the truly amazing thing is that she is sweet in spite of the pain she is enduring. Some moron shot her in the knee with a bb gun! The shot has damaged her ACL, and she needs surgery to repair it. In addition to the bb-gun wound, she had a piece of bamboo lodged in her face!
Our vet in SC is ready to fix her up, but we'll need to get some funds to cover the bill.
You know this is the part where we plead with you for your financial assistance. This is not just a general request for donations. This is a fundraising effort for a very specific cause - a cause named Daisy.
Please donate for Daisy, whatever amount you are able. And if this little smiling girl speaks to you the way she speaks to us, share her with your friends and post your best, sincere request that they help out, too.
Thanks in advance for your help, be it donations, networking, or just praying like crazy!!