Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rachel Puppy Has Parvo!! Need Help!!

Little Rachel, only 12 weeks old, followed all the rules. She was pulled from the kill-shelter in SC and put in private boarding for more than two weeks quarantine. She had her own personal crate for transport. She was not allowed to walk outside during her transport. She had two vaccines against parvo virus, but it got her anyway, in spite of all the precautions.Now she's at the vet, struggling to survive. Treating parvo at the vet can cost thousands of dollars, so PLEASE, say an extra prayer for her, and donate as you are able, knowing that this little munchkin's life is hanging in the balance and her vet is working hard to help her along.Thank you for donating and for sharing this plea with your animal-loving friends.

UPDATE: Rachel pulled through! Thank you so much to everyone for your prayers and for your generous contributions. We were able to raise almost $400, to which I added $100, to help Rachel's family pay for the vet care that helped Rachel survive. A big thank you to Dr. Grassi and Red Bank Veterinary Hospital for taking care of her!

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  1. Rachel puppy went HOME last night! She is eating on her own now and can continue her medication in the comfort of her home!! Now that she can be off the IV, she should be on the mend. Cannot adequately express our gratitude to everyone who gave so generously and prayed for this puppy's recovery.