Saturday, February 11, 2012

Three Little Puppies,Sitting in a Row.
One Got a Home - Help the Other Pups Go!

Surfing Facebook one day, I saw a post from Friends of Gordon County. It was a sorry looking little aussie shep pup. I thought she was a pretty little girl, so I shared it. Then a very close friend of mine (who is a cancer survivor) posted that she'd like to know more about her - and ultimately let me know that she wanted to adopt her.) Then I realized that the little pup had a sister, but she was cute, too, so I called the shelter to pull them. It's Georgia, so I had to work through a rescuer there who is licensed with the Dept of Agriculture. She called to inform me that there was a third. What was I to do? Had to pull him, too. They had a brush with parvovirus but pulled through thanks to my awesome local rescuer/foster. Then they got their shots which weakened their little immune systems again and threw them back into gastro-intestinal problems. But they pulled through again. Next week they will go to be spayed/neutered. Their transport is all lined up as soon as they are healthy enough to make the long 15-hour trip to NJ.

UPDATE: One of the little girls did not pull through. She was just not strong enough. The little girl pictured above is doing pretty well, and the little blonde boy is hanging in there. Both have been fixed and had shots, but they are still fighting off various illnesses and parasites. The latest is spirochetes. Poor things.

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