Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kane the Pretty Pittie

This was Kinsey at Greenville County Animal Control. He was slated to be put to sleep, but I begged for one more day. Then I went to see my bagel guy who had once casually asked me if I ever got any nice pitbulls. I showed him Kinsey's picture and explained that I didn't need anything but a promise if he'd like to adopt him. But that if he didn't, Kinsey probably would be euthanized
But no pressure...

So here is a newer picture of Kinsey, now known as Kane, with his "cousins." He is a complete spoiled little pup, as he should be.
I had the pleasure of fostering him for just one night at my house. When I picked him up on transport he did his business right away, climbed willingly into the crate in my back seat, didn't fuss at the fox hound traveling with him. He slept soundly through the night without so much as a whimper. He was well behaved with my two dogs and our visiting fox hound for a couple of hours before I delivered him to Paul. And then, when it was time to go, he moved toward me and hung his head down as if to say good bye, and then he let Paul take the leash. As I left, I realized that many of the other shop owners were out on the sidewalk ready to welcome Paul's new baby to the neighborhood. He's in a happy place!

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