Thursday, September 1, 2011

Punky the Beagle - not here yet but needs a home!

He's here in NJ and he has his forever home!!

Meet Punky! He's not in NJ yet, but he's coming...soon...

This is Punky leaving Greenville Animal Control the first time. His rescuer found out shortly after that that Punky is heartworm positive. That's an expensive vet bill. Sadly, the rescuer had taken other dogs that also had expensive medical issues, and she left Punky at the vet with an enormous boarding bill, so the vet had no option but to return Punky to Animal Control. How sad would that be, to be sprung from doggie prison, sent to the vet where the staff just loved him to pieces, only to be returned to the concrete kennel/cell at animal control. I couldn't stand the thought. So I pulled him from the redlist.

Then I found out that New Jersey and New York won't allow heartworm positive dogs into the state. This was a problem! I had someone who was willing to foot the bill for his heartworm treatment (thanks Pam!) but I needed someone to keep him while he is getting the treatment, which takes anywhere from 30 to 90 days - YIKES! I called Taryn, who does short-term boarding when dogs need to leave animal control and wait for a transport, but she was full, so she referred me to Sally. What a blessing! I had such a hard time trying to find a vet. The first one who initially had Punky won't work with any rescues anymore since it was such an awful experience for them both emotionally and financially. Then I got a referral to another vet who is self-proclaimed "not the least expensive." They also planned on a 60+ day treatment, which would be prohibitive given the boarding situation.
Sally took the time to go out and check other local vets for me, and got Punky all squared away. She is taking care of him during his treatment, which is no easy task. He's not allowed any kind of strenuous activity because the dying heartworms could dislodge and he'd have a heart attack. But she's great with's a couple of pictures of him after he got back from the first set of shots:
Everyone I have spoken to, the staff at Animal Control, the staff at the vet's office, and of course Sally, they all tell me that he is the cutest, sweetest little beagle boy. I just know that someone here in NJ will fall in love with him the minute they see him. He already has a huge following on our rescue network. Wouldn't it be great if he had a home already lined up and waiting for him before he even gets here? Sad for me, because he would become one of the not-my-dog rescues. I would never have the pleasure of getting to have this little snuggler stay with us. But so much better for him, and that's what really matters. That's why I do this. So let's get the word out! Find this little boy a home!!
Sally emailed to tell me that he'll get his last set of shots on September 22, stay overnight at the vet, and then he's ready to travel to NJ after September 23. Maybe he'll come to live with YOU?

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