Friday, July 15, 2011

Previous Pups - numbers two and three

Polka Dot was the name Maggie gave our second foster pup. We took her to an adoption event at Petsmart the day after we got her, and discovered that her littermates were parvo positive, but she was not, so they gave her a booster. At the same time, we ran into a lovely woman who had lost her dog sometime earlier, and while she had been fostering cats, she missed having a dog. I asked if she wanted to hold Polka Dot, and she fell in love.

We ended up having to keep her for two more weeks until she was fully clear of the possibility of parvo. Below are two pictures of Polka Dot at her forever home.

 After that we got another really great dog...a mix of Aussie shepherd and weimaraner. Again we met up with a prospective adopter the day after we got her, at an adoption event. It was a couple who already had a few dogs, but she fell in love with this pup and even said she was going to call her Lucy. They filed their application, and were approved, so we started calling her Lucy. But then they backed out. So we kept her for about three weeks. At that point, we were really considering keeping her. We had modified her name to Luci-fer, because she was really quiet and sweet, but then if you weren't looking, she'd be getting into something! She was very smart, and she and Teddy were great playmates. But along came an adopter who wanted TWO puppies from the same litter. That hardly ever happens, and we agreed that it would be great if Luci-fer could stay with her sibling forever.

Another happy ending, but we'll miss that little girl!

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